Top 4 Best Wines To Pair With Steak

Wines and steaks are both best enjoyed when paired. The flavorful taste of steaks coincides well with the taste of wines. However, it can be the best practice if you know the best wines to pair with steak.

In this article, let us discuss the various choices of wines that you can select from. They have different attributes that will give you the delight that you are looking for.

The combination of sweetness and sourness is the one to expect. The presence of saltiness is also there, giving you the umami taste. Imagine yourself cooking a Wagyu beef fillet or rib-eye steak. They are both tender and flavorful.

How should you choose the perfect steak to pair with wine?

In choosing, there are several factors to consider. Let us try to enumerate all of them.

  • Fattiness – a fatty steak is commonly eaten with a not-so-robust wine. This is because the taste is rich already and adding more richness can lead to annoyance. Well, fatty steaks are enjoyed by many because of the combination of tenderness and fluffiness combined with juicy flavors.
  • Seasoning – this is where the saltiness and spice coming from. This is because steaks are usually seasoned with natural ingredients such as salt and pepper. It adds up a strong yet desirable taste. To conclude, it is better to pair up a salty and spicy steak with a sweet wine. You can go for fruity wines as well as an alternative.
  • Color – yes, believe it or not, color is also an important factor to look out for. This will add up a lot in terms of your cravings most especially if the colors go along with each other well.
  • Cuts – you’ll encounter different types of steak cuts over time. This will let you realize that nicely-cut steaks can increase your appetite for wines in a very positive way. Thinner cuts tend to be more flavorful but thicker cuts can give your stomach an intense feeling of fullness. Achieving desirable cuts can be easier with the help of this best steak knife set.
  • Way of cooking – there are different ways in which you can cook steak. You can either go conventional using grilling or try out cooking it using a pan or air fryer. You have a variety of choices and the decision is yours. But we cannot take away the fact that grilling will be the primary choice of many.

Types of Wines for Every Steak

Having said so, let us now go to the part in which we will discuss the specific wine for your steak. This is because you would not want to spoil your experience and expectations. Having said so, experimenting is not an option. Although we are not saying that you do not have the freedom to experiment, it is always better to follow the suggested combinations for a better eating experience. Trust us, things are way better if you will choose the right wine for each type of steak.

1. Cabernets

You might as well try a cabernet if you want to be on the safe side. It’s called a “people pleaser” for that reason. The equal flavor is just right for almost any kind of wine.

It has elevated acidity levels that break through the saltiness and fatty side of the steak. You can therefore experience tanginess that will make your eating experience more amazing.

The grapes are usually gotten from various parts of the world. The quality of the wine though is not determined by whether it is made abroad or locally. But as far as we know, Napa Valley which is located in California makes premium cabernets that are likable to our taste buds. Since this wine is crafted out using ingredients that are coming from places with a high cost of living, expect that it is somehow pricey.

2. Zinfandel

It is the best selection if you are a fan of sweet wines. Some of us are not reaching the expectations that they have when drinking dry and acidic wines. The usual sweet wines were made from Tannins. This type has elevated levels of sugar which results in the conservation of the wine. As a result, the sweeter flavor is achieved.

Having said so, it is highly critical that you choose steaks that are not sweet. This will help you have a balanced feeling on your taste buds. So, it is only safe to say that you will need a steak with a salty or spicy flavoring to balance things out.

Give it a chance and enjoy your steak while having a balance of flavors. You’ll definitely find this in stores in your area as this is a common wine available in groceries and wineries.

3. Malbec

This type of wine is considered stronger compared to its counterparts. They are usually darker in terms of color and provide a lot of distinction. However, it has a fruity aroma rather than a woody smell.

This makes it perfect to pair with leaner steaks. Some examples of it are flank and top sirloin. You can find this wine mostly in France and Cali. You do not want to pair it with filet mignon as it might overwhelm the taste of the steak.

Well, there is no doubt that leaner steaks tend to be healthier as it has higher protein content. This is better to consume if you are working out a lot as it will help you build muscles quickly.

4. Shiraz

If you are on a pursuit to pair a red wine on your next steak dinner then Shiraz might be a good choice. It offers a denser flavor which is perfect for fatty steaks.

The grapes used in making this masterpiece were temperature-delicate. So you can expect that it is somehow pricey. It is grown in France particularly in Rhone Valley.

This wine is often described as peppery and at the same time sour in terms of flavor. The reason for this is the high tannin levels that it has. As we have said a while ago, this wine is reliant on temperature. So if it is created in places with hotter climates expect that fruity flavor will be achieved.

What’s the good thing about this wine? It improves in taste as time goes by. This is because the flavor tends to have more definition as the wine aged.

What’s the most important thing?

Among the wines that we have discussed, there is no contest that the most important is choosing the wine that you really want. There is nothing compared to the joy of enjoying your favorite wine. Every steak will feel extra special when paired with it and there is no doubt about that.

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Wines are definitely the best beverage to complement a steak. You will surely be in the right hands once you include them in your steak meals. It will be much better if you will follow the guide though as the suggestions will make your steak dining better.

The most important thing is you spend your time dining with the people who are special to you. This will create a good bonding time which will make the experience better.

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