Edgestar Wine Cooler Reviews – 6 Best Picks of this Brand 2021

For most wine collectors and wine lovers, the goal is buying a wine cooler brand that can deliver a quality cooling system and durable at the same time. Edgestar has delivered this over two decades, bringing quality wine coolers to those who seek them. In this Edgestar wine cooler reviews, we will be taking you through six amazing products from this amazing brand.

Overview of Edgestar Brand

Since 2004, Edgestar has pursued technological innovations that have helped them design some of the best wine coolers you will find worldwide. They have aimed to become a global brand for wine lovers, and these couple of years have proven that their brand has received wide global appreciation and trust.

One of those distinctive qualities of the Edgestar brand is the quest to create durable wine coolers with amazing storage capacity using a very portable design approach. This feature has made the brand stand out as the go-to brand for anyone seeking portability and top-notch features. These features also allow wine lovers as well as collectors to but very limited space for innovative use.

The brand is an American brand that channels America’s excellence through its products to globally conquer the niche market. They are also very open to building relationships with their customers through their very reliable customer care support. In ensuring you experience the excellence and top innovations of this brand, we have highlighted the top six wine coolers you may want to try out.

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Top 6 Best Edgestar Wine Coolers To Buy

Rank Edgestar Wine Cooler Bottle Capacity
1 EdgeStar TWR215ESS Freestanding Wine Cooler 21 Bottles
2 EdgeStar CWF380DZ 19-Inch Wine Cooler 38 Bottles
3 EdgeStar 6-Inch Built-In Wine Cooler 7 Bottles
4 EdgeStar CWF440SZ 20-Inch Freestanding Wine Cooler 44 Bottles
5 EdgeStar CWR362FD 24-Inch Built-In Wine Cooler 36 Bottles
6 EdgeStar 32-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler with 32 Bottles

1. EdgeStar TWR215ESS Freestanding Wine Cooler

This freestanding wine fridge from EdgeStar is rating top in our review for so many great reasons. We love the fact that the cooler is designed so that it can blend into any space. It comes with a compact narrow design that is still surprisingly spacious. The interior comes with seven shelving units that can hold up to twelve bottles of wine.

The wires for the shelving racks are chrome-coated to prevent corrosion. Thus, they are strong and durable. In the interior, you get a soft blue LED light that gives a classy view of the interior. Simultaneously, the light doesn’t emit heat that might damage your wine’s quality. To allow a good view of the interior, the manufacturers have ensured a slightly tinted glass door with stainless steel frames is included in the design.

This wine cooler also comes with dual-zone temperature control that allows you to regulate the temperature that best suits your wine. This makes the cooler suitable for both red and white wine. The compressor is noiseless and gives no disturbing vibration that might disrupt the aging process of your wine.

Pros and Benefits

  • LED light interior
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Hold up to 21 bottles of wine.
  • Noiseless cooling system

2. EdgeStar CWF380DZ 19-Inch Wine Cooler

Register designs win cooler to over a wide range of preferences. Thus, this wine cooler offers spacious storage for those who seek to store more wine. It comes with a retractable shelving unit that can hold up to thirty-eight bottles of wine. The shelving units are divided into five with sturdy stainless steel wired with wooden faces that add more lush to the interior’s aesthetics.

The dual temperature zone offers you the flexibility to use this single wine cooler for white and red wine. You can adjust between 40 degrees to 65 degrees Fahrenheit to suit your wine’s needs. The dual temperature feature is controlled by a soft electric button that is easy to use. The LED light that shines radiantly in the interior produces no heat and adds more to its aesthetic appeal.

Also, the wine cooler is designed with stainless steel for top-notch durability. You will love the towel bar handle strapped on the glass door of the wine cooler. The door can be reversed to suit your installation preference. The compressor also operates without noise while working effectively to circulate coolness without frosting.

Pros and Benefits

  • Reversible doors
  • Tinted glass door with towel bar handle
  • Spacious storage capacity
  • Noiseless compressor

3. EdgeStar 6-Inch Built-In Wine Cooler

Here is a mini wine cooler that is designed for mini wine collectors that seek class and sophistication. It is tastefully designed as a freestanding mini fridge for wine with all the amazing features that even bigger wine coolers have. This cooler’s front ventilation system has made it versatile enough to fit for built-in installation and freestanding purposes.

The sleek door is designed to have a towel bar handle and a tinted glass door that is UV-insulated to offer your wine all the protection it needs. You will also enjoy a dual temperature control feature that allows you to switch between 40 degrees to 65 degrees Fahrenheit to suit your wine’s most preferred temperature condition.

Additionally, the interior comes with soft blue LED light that makes the interior more appealing. It is constructed using premium stainless steel to ensure durability. Also, the shelving racks are made with steel wires, and together, this mini-cooler can store up to seven bottles of wine. The cooler comes with a high-efficient compressor that works noiselessly and comes with an internal circulating fan for faster heat dissipation and better cooling.

Pros and Benefits

  • Compact and versatile
  • LED light for interior appeal
  • High-efficient compressor
  • Dual-temperature control

4. EdgeStar CWF440SZ 20-Inch Freestanding Wine Cooler

Here is another compressor-based wine cooler from EdgeStar with an impressive storage capacity that can hold up to forty-four bottles of wine. This freestanding wine cooler is suitable for both red and white wine. This is possible because of its dual-zone temperature control that allows you to regulate between 40 degrees Fahrenheit to 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

The storage capacity is made possible because of the well-constructed shelving units. The interior is divided into six retractable shelves with wooden faces. The interior is further designed with a LED light installation that casts a soft glow on your wine collections. The cooling is well-circulated without frosting, and this is made possible by the high-efficient compressor that works noiselessly.

The exterior is lavishly designed using premium stainless steel for durability and maximum support. The wine cooler also has a tinted glass door protected against UV penetration and allows you a view into the cooler’s interior. You definitely will like the towel bar handle that makes opening the wine cooler rather effortless.

Pros and Benefits

  • 44 bottles storage capacity
  • Freestanding design
  • LED light with tinted glass feature
  • Noiseless cooling compressor

5. EdgeStar CWR362FD 24-Inch Built-In Wine Cooler

Enjoy the flexibility that comes with having a wine cooler that is versatile enough for both built-in and freestanding installation. It makes installation easier as you don’t have to consider whether your space is right for built-in or freestanding when what you are buying can do both. Also, the interior is designed to have double doors, with each side having five shelving racks.

These racks are made from quality stainless steel wires with wooden faces, and they are retractable. Together, the dual shelving phases can store up to thirty-six bottles of wine. Both doors are tinted glass with UV protection, and they come with towel bar handles for effortless opening. The door design also includes a safety lock system.

There are two temperature zones in this wine cooler with fully electric controls that allow you to regulate between 40 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. The cooling circulation is supported by both compressor-based cooling and forced-fan cooling system to ensure a well-regulated chilled environment for both white and red wines. The interior also comes with a soft LED light that helps settle your wine for a perfect aging process.

Pros and Benefits

  • Double-face doors with ergonomic handles
  • Soft LED light for interior ambiance
  • Dual-zone temperature control
  • Holds up to thirty-six bottles of wine

6. EdgeStar 32-Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler with

Wine coolers with glass doors are fine, but those with double-face French doors are finer, and the EdgeStar brand spared no aesthetic excellence when rafting this beautiful wine cooler. Firstly, you get to enjoy a great storage capacity that can hold up to thirty-two bottles of wine regardless of the type.

The construction is stainless steel lavished with double tinted glass doors protected from damaging UV lights. You will also enjoy a dual-zone temperature control that regulates between 47 degrees to 67 degrees Fahrenheit. The thermostat is adjustable to give your wine the necessary cooling condition it needs to stay well-preserved.

It is designed to suit the freestanding installation, and the cooling system is compressor-based. Thus, you get to enjoy noiselessly and no vibration cooling from this cooler. The interior also glows up in beautiful soft blue light with the LED installation.

Pros and Benefits

  • Double door tinted French doors.
  • Double zone temperature control
  • Soft LED light feature.
  • Spacious storage capacity

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is EdgeStar a good brand?

It is a brand that is particular about quality innovations in its products. Yes, they are.

2. Where are EdgeStar wine coolers made?

They are made in the United States of America.

3. How to reset the Edgestar wine cooler?

All you have to do is hold the power button for three to five seconds. It will reset and get turned on for good work again.

4. How to fix EdgeStar wine cooler lights blinking?

When this happens, it is always due to the cooling or ventilation system running into trouble. Unplug it and let the cooler rest for five minutes before plugging back in. If the blinking continues, consult an accredited technician.


EdgeStar has not failed in its journey for perfection; their amazing wine coolers are proof of how well they have mastered the art of bringing innovative concepts and aesthetics in delivering exceptional cooling your wine collections. You will be proud of this new affiliation with their brand by purchasing one of their products.

Since their brand is a global brand with many products to offer, we have listed the top six products in this EdgeStar wine review. They cover wide preferences and budget ranges, and we are certain you will find one for yourself too.

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