Top 6 Best Countertop Wine Coolers To Buy 2021 Reviews

You might not realize how important owning a wine cooler is, as a wine lover, until you start struggling with where to put your favorite bottle in your full refrigerator. Also, if you are looking for dry and safe long term storage for your wine, getting one of the best countertop wine coolers offers you that advantage and many more.

How to Choose a Best Countertop Wine Cooler?

Consider Your Space

How large your space is will determine the size of the countertop wine cooler you need to get. Thus, it is essential to study the space the cooler would occupy before purchasing. As far as the size is concerned, the more wine a cooler can store, the larger and taller it is. Also, the available space model will determine whether you would need a freestanding cooler, which can stand at any corner, or a built-in countertop cooler.

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Temperature Matters

The average temperature for storing both red and white wine ranges from 45 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature range is ideal for long term storage, and getting more relaxed with this temperature range that can easily be adjusted is essential.

Also, watch out for the thermoelectric system in your cooler. This is because, unlike the conventional compressors with a noisy fan that can disrupt the sediment of your wine and interrupt the aging process, the thermoelectric cooling system produces less vibration and release a steady coolant that is favorable to your wine.

Construction Features

Construction features are essential as they will determine how durable and efficient your cooler will be. Ensure that your cooler is made from premium stainless steel material. If it comes with a glass door, watch out for resistance against condensation or mistiness. Also, ensure the LED lighting introduces only the useful soft blue light that assists in long term storage of wine. Finally, ensure the wire racks used in your shelving are resistant to corrosion.

Top 6 Best Countertop Wine Coolers To Buy

Rank Countertop Wine Cooler Bottle Capacity
1 Nutrichef PKCWC120 Countertop Cooler 12 bottles
2 Whynter Thermoelectric Wine Cooler 20 bottles
3 Antarctic Star 1.6cu.ft Wine Counter Top Bar Fridge 26 bottles
4 Koolatron WC20 Thermoelectric Wine Cooler 20 bottles
5 Cuisinart CWC-800CE Cellar Wine Refrigerator 8 bottles
6 NewAir AW-121E Thermoelectric Wine Cooler 12 bottles

1. Nutrichef PKCWC120 Countertop Cooler

This is designed for wine lovers with sophisticated tastes. The manufacturers have ensured that distinctive taste is combined with innovative technology to give you a countertop cooler like no other. Thus, you get to enjoy a fully automated cooling unit with the ultra-quiet operation. Unlike the noise from a regular refrigerator, this cooler produces almost no sound at all.

The sturdy construction it has is what gives it the support it needs to qualify as one of the best. It is a freestanding countertop cooler made from stainless steel and comes with a capacity to hold twelve wine bottles. This makes it the best small countertop wine cooler. It is also designed to blend into any space, making it a top option for the kitchen, bedroom, living room, and even office space.

Furthermore, you get to enjoy a precision compressor cooling technology that gives your wines a chilled feel in no time. The temperature is adjustable to suit preferences. With a digital touch, you can adjust the cooling temperature from zero to as high as 64 degrees Fahrenheit. This cooling unit comes with a powerful circulation fan and a ventilation grill.

Pros and Benefits

  • Sturdy stainless steel construction
  • Compact and sophisticated design
  • Glass window view with LED lighting
  • Precision compressor cooling technology

2. Whynter Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

Just in case you are looking beyond compact and you seek a cooling unit that can house more wine, this product remains one of the best countertop wine refrigerators you can purchase. The cooling interior alone can chill up to twenty varieties of wine all at once, and the precision compressor cooling technology will ensure that your wine is given your most desired temperature cooling in no time.

In highlighting how topnotch this cooling is, you get to enjoy the many advantages of an adjustable thermostat. By just using a soft touch button, you can regulate cooling temperature from between 45 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. As far as power is concerned, you need only 75 watts of energy to power this wine cooler.

The aesthetics are impressive and sturdily crafted. You get to enjoy the reliable support of stainless steel construction and five removable racks made with chrome-coated stainless steel. The door comes with a tainted glass mirror, and the LED lighting interior leaves a remarkable feel anytime you open the cooler for a bottle of wine.

Pros and Benefits

  • Spacious interior
  • Precision compressor cooling technology
  • Sturdy stainless steel construction with a tainted mirror finish
  • Adjustable cooling temperature with LED lighting

3. Antarctic Star 1.6cu.ft Wine Counter Top Bar Fridge

The bigger a wine counter is, the better, and we are always excited to bring you better deals. Buying this countertop cooler means you can chill up to twenty-six bottles of wine all at once. The interior is spacious enough for this, and it is equipped with an amazing compressor that does the chilling job just fine.

We love the flexibility that comes with the temperature regulating system, which affords you optional long-term wine aging conditions. Thus, you can adjust the temperature between 40 to 62 degrees Fahrenheit to suit your cooling requirement. We also love that you can see everything you store within the inner compartment through the glass window door.

The construction is strong and reliably made with stainless steel material. Even the shelving units are chrome-coated stainless steel that is resistant to corrosion and any long term stains. The interior comes with pre-installed soft blue LED lighting that gives a fancy display of your wine and helps in the aging process. Furthermore, the cooler operates noiselessly. It also comes with quiet circulation fans and ventilation grills that disperse hear faster.

Pros and Benefits

  • Spacious interior with soft blue LED lighting.
  • Noiseless heat dissipation technology
  • Sturdy stainless steel construction
  • Adjustable cooling temperature

4. Koolatron WC20 Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

This design gives you a compact cooling system that can get up to twenty bottles of your favorite wine chilled. The scalloped racks are made from chrome-plated stainless steel that will give you a lifetime of flawless sheen. This is because the shelves are resistant to corrosion and stains. Right within the cooling compartment, you get to enjoy a soft blue LED lighting that gives a perfect view into the refrigerating system.

This soft LED lighting system also helps with the wine aging process. Also, the cooler comes with adjustable temperature control. You have an LED display of your temperature rate right on the glass door that gives a view of your collection of fine wine. Using an easy soft touch adjustment mechanism, you can flexibly adjust the temperature between 46 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit.

The sturdy stainless steel construction gives all the reliability you need to support the cooling system’s freestanding nature. Furthermore, it comes with an enhanced cooling system assisted by a noiseless ventilation system and thermoelectric cooling management.

Pros and Benefits

  • Glass view door
  • Adjustable temperature regulation system
  • LED lighting with a noiseless ventilation system
  • Sturdy stainless steel construction support

5. Cuisinart CWC-800CE Cellar Wine Refrigerator

The portability of this cellar cooling system will surprise you. It makes it almost possible to store away up to eight bottles of wine without drawing attention to the cooler at all. It is genuinely constructed using premium materials for exclusive use for both the interior and the exterior. However, this does not rob the product of all the pleasing aesthetics that it should have.

Thus, you get to enjoy a classic view into your cooling compartment via a glass door that is treated against condensation and mistiness. Right on the glass doors, you benefit from the easy to use touch-screen temperature adjustment system. This makes it easier to switch the temperature to suit your cooling preference.

As expected, this refrigerator uses a low energy consumption rate to deliver acute cooling to your wine. Right in the interior, there is a soft LED lighting system that gives a chilling view of the more relaxed and helps maintain an excellent aging process. Also, the circulating fan and the entire ventilation system is quiet and aid very fast heat dissipation.

Pros and Benefits

  • Very compact design
  • Reliable stainless steel construction
  • Soft LED lighting system
  • Touch screen temperature adjustment with glass door

6. NewAir AW-121E Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

We all believe a dozen to be a significant number, and having a wine cooler that can store up to a dozen wines seems to be a great option. The product is an even more perfect option since it is reliably constructed to give enough support to carry these wines without suffering damage. Even the inner racks are made with stainless steel and coated with chrome to make them resistant to corrosion.

It is designed to be freestanding and comes with a glass view door that gives you a clear glance into the inner compartment. You get to use a soft touch temperature adjustment system that allows you to adjust the cooling condition to suit your preference on this door. There is also an LED lighting system to support your storage condition just as you want it.

This product embraces thermoelectric cooling management with zero vibration and noiseless operation sound. The thermoelectric management system also embraces humidity to assist you in your aging process.

Pros and Benefits

  • Compact interior with the thermoelectric cooling management system
  • Soft LED lighting
  • Sturdy construction support with glass view door
  • Precision temperature cooling system with soft-touch

So, What is the Best Countertop Wine Cooler?

What is best is always determined by individual preferences. However, our experts’ team has somewhat managed to strike a perfect balance when choosing Nutrichef PKCWC120 Countertop Cooler as their top choice. This gives an ideal storage capacity of twelve and comes with all the best features that make an excellent countertop wine cooler.

Depending on your storage capacity preferences, we have products that can cater to all tastes. We have coolers with a capacity of eight to as much as twenty-six bottles all at once. Also, they come at varying prices that make options wide open to fit into your budget. We are sure you’d wind a satisfying product amongst the reviewed product.

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