Top 6 Best Built-in Wine Coolers To Buy in 2021 Reviews

If you are a wine lover like me, then I’m sure you yearn to have an excellent place to store your wine to ensure they retain their flavor for a long time. In this article, we’ll be discussing the best built-in wine coolers that would enable you to serve your guests the best wine anytime they visit. So, read on, guys, and discover the secrets to keeping the best-flavored wine.

What Is A Built-In Wine Cooler?

A built-in wine cooler is one that is small and best installed by placing them under your kitchen counter, hence they are also known as under counter wine cooler. You can also put the wine coolers between your kitchen cabinets alongside having a front ventilation system.

Which Types Of Built-In Wine Coolers Should You Get?

There are two main types of built-in wine cooler, from which you can decide the one you want or that is best suited for you:

Compressor Wine Cooler

This type of wine cooler uses the same technology as the regular refrigerator in your kitchen. They are thus loud, uses more energy, and are noisy. However, the wine coolers are very powerful and effectively cool the wine bottles inside. They are hence, the first choice if you want a high performing built-in wine cooler.

Thermoelectric Wine Coolers

This is the second type of built-in wine coolers. They make use of a technology that ensures they are less noisy compared to compressor coolers. Furthermore, they consume less energy and are less potent than compressor coolers. Therefore, if you need a noiseless built-in wine cooler, this should be your choice.

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Top 6 Best Built-in Wine Coolers To Buy

Rank Built-in Wine Cooler Bottle Capacity
1 Kalamera 45-Bottle Built-in Wine Cooler 45 Bottles
2 Phiestina 46 Bottle Built-in Wine Cooler 46 Bottles
3 Kalamera Built-in Beverage and Wine Cooler 20 bottles + 78 cans
4 Antarctic Star Built-in Wine Cooler 28 Bottles
5 Aobosi Built-in Wine Cooler 30 Bottles
6 Bodega Built-in Wine Cooler 31 Bottles

Knowing the types of built-in wine cooler you can get, it is also vital you know what product would best meet your needs. But we know this can be burdensome and confusing because there are many built-in wine coolers in the market.

Consequently, to guide you towards making the right decision, our expert-led team took a detailed look at the various built-in wine coolers you can get in the market, and we selected the top 6 best built-in wine coolers for your use. They include:

1. Kalamera 45-Bottle Built-in Wine Cooler

The first built-in wine cooler at the top of our list is the Kalamera built-in wine cooler. This product is built with the capacity to take as many as 45 wine bottles simultaneously. These bottles are supported by 5 shelves made of beech wood and strong enough to hold your wine bottles, little wonder it is one of the best wine coolers, according to the built-in wine reviews dropped by wine lovers who found it extremely helpful.

One of the fantastic characteristics you would certainly love about this product is the dual-zone for cooling wine. Unlike some built-in wine coolers, this product has a two-zone thermostat, which cools your wine at different temperature ranges. Hence, making it the most advisable option for cooling your white and red wine, as both are best stored at different temperatures.

Moreover, the wine cooler is manufactured using stainless steel, an alloy that assures users of product durability. It also has a compressor that is energy-efficient, cooling at even temperatures free from fluctuation, and works quietly. There’s low vibration too, a feature which ensures the contents of the wine bottles are not disturbed.

Pros and Benefits

  • 45 bottle-holding capacity.
  • 5 wooden shelves.
  • Dual cooling zones.
  • Built-in installation type
  • Efficient compressor.
  • Low vibrations.
  • Temperature is adjustable.

2. Phiestina 46 Bottle Built-in Wine Cooler

Perhaps you need a wine cooler with as much space to hold many wine bottles; if this is the case, we recommend purchasing the Phiestina Built-in wine cooler with 46 bottle-holding capacity. It has 6 shelves made of the most rigid glass material available and thus highly capable of holding your wine bottles with all the care it deserves.

The product also features two temperature cooling zones, one zone for white wine and the 2nd/lower zone for cooling your red wine. This way, you get access to your favorite wine brand anytime without worrying about it being wrong. Besides, it has a freestanding installation as a default design, making it one of the best built-in wine fridges. There’s also an advanced compressor that cools efficiently alongside a fantastic system for air circulation. The cooler furthermore works with little noise, making it the perfect choice for your household.

Finally, the door hinge is reversible; therefore, you can easily make use of the door hinge left side to open the door if you want to. This way, if it’s necessary, you always have easy access to your wine when hosting friends or celebrating alone.

Pros and Benefits

  • 46 bottle-holding capacity.
  • 6 glass shelves.
  • Dual temperature cooling zone.
  • Built-in installation type.
  • Door hinge is reversible.
  • Compressor cooling type.
  • Excellent air circulation system.

3. Kalamera Built-in Beverage and Wine Cooler

Yet another Kalamera built-in cooler equally stole our hearts as we carried out our research. I’m sure you’ll agree with us when you take a look at the beauty this product emits and its unique capabilities. This mini-fridge has versatile use, acting as a wine cooler and also as a beverage cooler. The shelves are made of wood and partitioned so that it can house 78 beverage cans and 20 wine bottles, thus allowing you to present your guests with a variety of drinks ranging from wine, cocktail, beer, etc.

Furthermore, the fridge features two different techniques for controlling its temperature; the beverage area has a range of 40-66°F while the wine area has 38-50°F as its temperature range. An additional part makes it the best built-in wine fridge, and that is the automatic temperature restorer. This feature ensures set temperature is reverted to after a power outage; that way, you don’t have to worry about your wine getting spoiled from the improper temperature.

Finally, the mini-fridge, made of stainless steel, has a glass door, precise and designed in French-style. It also features a front-vending design making it an under-counter wine cooler or freestanding installation. This adds aesthetic beauty to your home. Therefore, it’s a must-have.

Pros and Benefits

  • Versatile use.
  • Suitable wine and beverage cooler.
  • Temperature control is separate.
  • Two storage zones.
  • Set temperature restorer.
  • French-style doors.
  • Front-vending design.

4. Antarctic Star Built-in Wine Cooler

This versatile mini-fridge is the next built-in wine cooler on our list. The silver-colored beauty can hold 28 bottles of wine or any beverage of your choice. Therefore, the space is big enough and does not require any shelf to be moved when loading the fridge with wine bottles of varying sizes. Irrespective of that, there are 6 beech wooden shelves, highlighted by LED lights colored blue.

Additionally, it features an advanced cooling method, which is very useful and works quietly with low vibration, ensuring your wine quality is retained for ages until you need them. It also has dual zones with different temperature range for cooling, controlled with the digital control system.

Lastly, the product has a stainless-steel door, with a handle attached; there’s also a double-layered glass window, which provides excellent protection against extremely harmful UV rays. This feature makes the mini-fridge stylish in design.

Pros and Benefits

  • 28 bottle holding capacity.
  • Versatile use.
  • For wine and beverages.
  • Blue LED lighting.
  • Wooden shelves.
  • Stainless-steel handles.
  • Glassdoor is double layered.
  • Dual temperature zones.

5. Aobosi Built-in Wine Cooler

This is a fantastic built-in wine cooler produced by the Aobosi brand. It is one of the best wine coolers based on built-in wine cooler reviews. The product has 6 wooden shelves that can comfortably hold 30 bottles of wine. It has temperature zones that can be adjusted to accommodate your red and white wine separately. The shelves are removable and thus can be readjusted to accommodate larger wine bottles without stress.

Besides, the product has a compressor of high quality alongside a good air circulating system; this way, the temperature is always consistent. There’s also a front ventilation system, making the refrigerator best placed standing upright, or in the kitchen counter, or anywhere else in your house or office. Cooling is quick and with little vibration, therefore, protecting the bottle contents from being disturbed.

Another added advantage of this fridge is the touchscreen control, which is a smart form of power, highly responsive, and allows you to quickly select the temperature. An automatic temperature restorer adjusts the temperature back to the set temperature after a power outage. The product is therefore rated as one of the best under counter wine cooler available.

Pros and Benefits

  • 30 bottle holding capacity.
  • Dual temperature zones.
  • Automatic temperature restorer.
  • 6 wooden shelves.
  • Quality compressor.
  • Safety lock.
  • Low vibration.
  • Touchscreen control.

6. Bodega Built-in Wine Cooler

The final product on our list of best built-in wine cooler is the Bodega wine cooler. The 15-inches wine cooler has 6 shelves, which can accommodate 20 wine bottles. It also has unique frames designed for holding larger bottle sizes, e.g., Champagne. Therefore, the wine cooler is designed stylishly to ensure that your wine is protected for an extended time without altering the taste.

Besides, the refrigerator cools wine at an even temperature, which ensures the flavor is well protected. Temperature is also adjustable to suit the best fit range for your white or red wine. Furthermore, it has a quality compressor for advanced cooling, working with less vibration, making it work effectively.

Finally, it has a smart temperature control with an LCD indicator, allowing you to set the required temperature to suit your wine type easily. This makes it easy to handle and control your wine cooler.

Pros and Benefits

  • 20 bottle holding capacity.
  • 6 wooden shelves.
  • Special shelf holds large bottles.
  • Advanced compressor.
  • Reduced vibration.
  • Temperature is consistent.
  • LCD indicator.
  • Works quietly.

Best Built-In Wine Coolers (Under Counter Wine Cooler)– Buying Tips

Having decided the type of built-in wine cooler you want to buy, there are several other factors that you should also consider. These factors would best help you choose and make the right choice for the best built-in wine coolers. The factors that should guide you include

Bottle-holding Capacity

If you are a wine lover like me, you will most likely desire a wine cooler with a sizeable bottle-holding capacity. Products with more capacity are more extensive than those with less capacity. However, you should consider the available space for holding the wine cooler before buying a large or small in-built wine cooler.


The price of the built-in wine cooler is a significant factor, as you need to buy a friendly product for your budget. The price is dependent on the capacity the cooler can hold. Hence, those with higher capacity are more expensive than those with lower capacity.

Placement area

It would help if you decided the area you would be placing your wine cooler. Built-in wine coolers are designed to be fixed/installed in a particular place. So, you should purchase a built-in wine cooler with dimensions that can fit into your available space easily.

Number of temperature zone

Several built-in wine coolers possess one temperature for cooling all your wine types; this limits you, as you can only set one temperature at a time. However, some products have two temperature zones which can effectively accommodate your white or red wine at different temperature. Although slightly more expensive, they are best recommended for effectively cooling your other wine brands.

Noise Reduction

Everyone wants a nose-free home; however, most appliances generate a lot of noise when being used. This is why you should purchase a built-in wine cooler that produces little or no noise. However, if you want a product that would chill your wine bottles effectively, then you can purchase a product that has a louder compressor.

Besides the above factors, other important factors to be considered include durability, efficient energy use, number of shelves, lighting system, security lock, etc.

So, What Is The Best Built In Wine Cooler?

Having a built-in wine cooler is one of the best decisions you can make to preserve your favorite wine brands. But then we understand that it’s not an easy task getting one; that’s why we are here for you and have reviewed the top 6 best built-in wine coolers that would serve your needs.

Our most recommended product is the Kalamera 45-bottle built-in wine cooler, rated one of the best based on the built-in wine cooler reviews by other users. However, depending on your needs, you can choose from different products and still enjoy optimal performance. So, go on, get a built-in wine cooler now.

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